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Airport Pick-up Service
        1 . Students who needs airport pick-up service are required to fill out the application form854_8fdcfb7f.gif for airport
             pick-up service and email it to us at least 20 days before your departure to
jswang98@nhu.edu.tw or fax
             to +886-5-2427168. Students also need to confirm 3 days before your arrival.
        2 . A fee of NT$750 per person is required for student who need airport pick-up service.

Chiayi has a network of busses, taxis and a train line. A city bus line runs from the university to Chiayi main bus and train station. Taiwan has a high-speed rail line that runs the length of the island providing easy and fast access to nearly every county on the island. Students may take the BRT shuttle bus located at the rear exit of the main train station to the Chiayi High-Speed Rail Station. There is also a coach bus station located at the rear exit of the main train station providing comfortable coach services for commuters to travel around the island.

                           School Bus Timetable                             Shuttle Bus TimeTable                         Shuttle Bus TimeTable
                                                                       (NHU-chiayi Commercial District)        (NHU-HSR Chiayi Station)
        Taiwan Rail: www.railway.gov.tw/en/index.aspx

        Taiwan High Speed Rail (HSR): 

It is especially difficult to get rail tickets during long holiday periods, so  you are advised to make your travel plans and reserve your tickets as earlier as possible. 

Nanhua University has two on-campus dormitories, Wen Hui and Li Tze dormitories and three off-campus dormitories, Jiu Tsun, Chi Tsun dormitories and Nanhua Hall. These dormitories are allocated on a first come, first served, basis. Those students wishing to apply for dormitory accommodation must make sure to keep up with dormitory notices and to apply for rooms during the allocated periods at the end of each semester. Dormitories are separated into male and female rooms. Prices are dependent on room type, and range from NT$ 6,000 to NT$ 8,400, with Internet access.

1 .   Students who apply for the dormitory room must pay a NT$ 2,000 deposit. This fee is fully refundable when you leave or move out.
2 .   The University offers the free shuttle bus between off campus dormitories and the campus.


There are 3 restaurants on campus; Wen-hui Lou Restaurant, Yun-shui Ju Cafeteria and Di-shui Fang Vegetarian Restaurant (Nanhua Vihara), which offer students a variety of healthy, balanced and delicious food.


Chiayi County, where Nanhua University is located, is famous for its tasty food, such as chicken rice, fish soup with savory sauce and different types of snacks sold at night markets. Nearby Minxiong Township, which is known for its famous “goose street”, provides luscious goose dishes. There are 2 snack factories near the university, PineApple Hill and Min-xiong Kumquat Factory. Besides selling produce, they also provide DIY courses for visitors to enjoy and learn how to make those delicious snacks.

Tourist Attractions

There are many popular tourist attractions near Nanhua University. Students can visit to be close to nature and experience different cultures in Taiwan.

Alishan National Scenic Area

Alishan National Scenic Area is famous for spectacular sunrise, cloud sea, forest and mountain railway . The sunrise and cloud sea are particularly renowned. Every year, thousands of visitors from all over the world come to see these wonders and experience the life and culture of the aboriginal Tsou people.

Dong-Shi Fisherman’s Wharf 

Dong-Shi Fisherman’s Wharf is a scenic spot that combines six important elements, breeze, sunshine, fish, boats, lighthouse and the sea. Besides beautiful scenery, the fresh seafood here is also famous.

Hinoki Village

 Because of the plentiful forest products, Chiayi is also known as forest city. Hinoki village was named “Hinoki area” during the Japanese colonial period. It served as accommodation for Japanese officers and their families. It was the earliest forest village, and it also has the best preserved Japanese style buildings.

International students can enroll in the National Health Insurance program only after they receive an Alien Residence Certificate (ARC) and live in Taiwan continuously for eight months. Therefore, students should purchase their own health insurance for the first seven months of their stay in Taiwan. Overseas insurance should be certified by a Taiwan overseas representative office in the student’s home country or the nearest Taiwan overseas representative office. You can also apply and buy student insurance in the CLC office.
Student Insurance
NT$ 240/per quarter≒USD8)
National Health Insurance
NT$ 749/per quarter(≒USD24)

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