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     For students who are interested in Mandarin learning and Chinese cultures and customs. The academic year is divided into four quarters and plus one summer season. Students who apply the quarter programs should take at least 15 hours of classes per week, including required courses (10 hours) and elective courses (5 hours).

Course List

Culture Courses

Currently, our language center offers an elective course which is a combination of calligraphy and culture activities.  In the near future, we plan to add a variety of elective courses, ranging from Taichi, Chinese painting, Chinese Opera, Chinese Cuisine, Chinese Philosophy, and Chinese History and Culture. With the variety of choices that will be available in the future, you will be able to create an education experience that is tailor-made for you.

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Extra-curricular Activities

 Our Chinese Language Center also offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activities, ranging from off-campus activities such as bus-taking, shopping, visiting night market and traditional attractions to university sponsored luncheons and food festivals i.e., Dragon Boat Festival and Moon Festival.  Besides, we will also arrange cultural trip which focuses on introducing different cultural or historical aspects of Taiwan’s unique history and culture.  

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Term and Application deadlines are as follows:



    Application Deadlines    

1st quarter 

     September  ~  November      

July 20 

2nd quarter 

December  ~  February  

October 20 

3rd quarter 

March  ~  May  

January 20 

4th quarter 

June  ~  August  

April 20 

     Summer Camp     

July  ~  August  

May 20 

  The class term in CLC lasts for 11 weeks and total of 165 hours. Tuition for small group class with at least 5 students is NT$ 24,000 per student.

Registration Fee
15 hours
per week
3 months
NT$ 24,000
NT$ 500/month
(Charge for the first time only)
6 months
NT$ 46,000
9 months
NT$ 69,000
12 months
NT$ 92,000

check the exchange rate


1. Tuition does not include fees of books, learning materials and the materials of cultural classes.
2. After registration, there are no tuition refunds and the tuition fee can not be transferred either.
3. If you can not continue to study because of the force majeure, please fill out the refund application form and state your reason, and complete the refund                procedures in time.

Withdrawal Date
Partial Refund of Tuition
Before the new semester starts
90% Tuition
Within the 1/3 of the semester
50% Tuition
After the 1/3 of the semester
No refund

4. Registration fee or insurance fee are not refunded.
5. If the class is cancelled, tuition fee will be fully refunded. However, the transfer fee should be deducted from it.


Please fill out the application form and prepare required documents, then submit to Chinese Language Center by email.

1 . 
Application form (
2 . A study plan
3 . Financial statement within the past 3 months (at least US$ 2500)
4 . A photocopy of your passport 
5 . A photocopy of the diploma of the highest academic degree
6 . Medical checkup report (including HIV test)
7 . Two Passport size photos

 E-Mail : nhu-clc@nhu.edu.tw

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