Overseas Learning


Overseas Learning / 2+2 Program

NHU+Uwest Double degrees Program(2+2)

1. Apply Workflow
Based on the actual schedule of the year , individual applications will be submitted to applicants' department and IICA .

2. Required Documents
1. 2+2 Program Application Form(download)

2. Autobiography
3. Study Plan
4. Bank Statement
5. Recommendation Letter
6. Official Academic Transcript
7. Copy of passport
8. English Proficiency certificate(TOEFLibt/IELTs)
9. 2+2 Program Course Plan Document(download)

10. Materials of performance

3. Required Documents for Uwest

(After recommended by NHU, we’ll inform you to prepare Uwest’s required documents)

2+2- Degree Program (Majors- Business, English, Liberal Arts & Psychology)

1. Online application and application fee (click here);
2. Essay *;
3. One letter of recommendation;
4. Home school's official transcript;
5. Official TOEFL or IELTS score report **;
6. Copy of passport;

--(These documents should be submitted in paper)--
7. Bank statementUSD $22,000;
8. Financial Sponsor Agreement (click here);
9. FERPA form (click here)

How to fill in the application in Uwest's online registration system?(Click here)

*Essay topic400-500 words answer the question- what skills and attitudes do you believe are  necessary for a successful life

**The official TOEFLibt/IELTs certificate: Please provide certificate to Uwest by code  4347.


4. 2+2 Program Seminar and Other Informations:
1. Articulation table(download)
2. transferable courses(download)
3. 2+2 Program Abandon Statement(download)
4. Academic 108-1 slides(download)


5. Couse Information
Uwest course: http://www.uwest.edu/academics/


Contact Information
Nanhua University Institute of International and Cross Strait Affairs 
Contact Person : Kuo, Lingyu

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