Overseas Learning


Overseas Learning / Nanhua University Overseas Learning Award Main Points

Definition of Overseas Learning
Students studying at sister schools , overseas universities approved by the Ministry of Education or overseas institutions accredited by the university are responsible for student exchange, credit training , language learning, international volunteer activities, service learning courses, overseas internships (including Fo Guang Shan Overseas Temple Volunteers), as well as academic and academic activities related to international activities. In addition to the above-mentioned study abroad by the International and Cross-Strait Exchange Office audit identified.
Qualifications for Application
The scholarship is only valid for overseas courses provided by departments.

Reward Amount
Bachelor students only. We provide NTD 5000 once when you join overseas courses provided by departments.

Application Document (Required Documents)
  1. Overseas learning scholarship application form (download)
  2. Copy of student card
  3. Copy of passport
  4. Official academic transcript(Including Academic Year)
  5. Overseas learning administration contract (2 copies, submit before departure)
Application Process
The applicant shall prepare the application documents and submit the application documents to the Department within the deadline. The Department shall submit the recommendation to the College for review and approval. Before October 30 and April 30, all documents are supposed to be reviewed and submitted to Institute of International and Cross-Strait Affairs for final review.

Contact Information
Nanhua University Office of International and Cross Strait Affairs 
Contact Person : Kuo, Lingyu

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