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Overseas Learning / Nanhua University Overseas Learning Award Main Points

 Nanhua University Overseas Learning Award Main Points

Definition of Overseas Learning

Students studying at sister schools , overseas universities approved by the Ministry of Education or overseas institutions accredited by the university are responsible for student exchange , credit training , language learning , international volunteer activities , service learning courses , overseas internships (including Fo Guang Shan Overseas Temple Volunteers) , as well as academic and academic activities related to international activities . In addition to the above-mentioned study abroad by the International and Cross-Strait Exchange Office audit identified .

Qualifications for Application

The scholarship program is valid for at least two academic years for the master's degree program and at least three academic years for the doctoral student's program . There is no postgraduate program or postgraduate program for postgraduate students . Exchange students and trainees . For those who are enrolled after the end of the 102 school year , please refer to the bursary program for the first year of the bachelor's degree program . However , you can still apply this plan after you become a student .

Reward Amount

1 . As shown in the attached table (1) , the overseas study award for postgraduate students is shown in the attached table (2) , as determined by the English test grade .

2 . The overseas study award will be calculated with the highest test score . If the test is taken more than two times , the difference will be added according to the grade .

3 . For 102 year students , if you are enrolled in an overseas study award at the time of enrollment , you will still be eligible for the Overseas Learning Scholarsh for those who pass the higher English test level .

Application Document (Required Documents to「Download Area」Download)

1 . Nanhua University Overseas Learning Scholarship Application Form

2 . Overseas Learning Project Document

3 . Copy of Student Card

4 . Copy of Passport

5 . Proof of Language Proficiency Test

6 . Original Transcripts of Report (Including Academic Year)

7 . Overseas Learning Administration Contract Document (2 copies,collect before departure)

8 . Applying school、Relevant form required、Documents and Testimony (Optional)

9 . Applicants who apply for admissions to overseas schools are requiredto submit the notice of enrollment (students must apply for the overseas school by themselves and must confirm the relevant subject credit with their department) .

Application Process

The applicant shall prepare the application documents and submit the application documents to the Department within the deadline . The Department shall submit the recommendation to the College for review and approval . Before October 31 for Fall Semester , and before April 30 for Spring Semester , the results of the review by the College , submitted to the International and Cross-Strait Exchange for final review .

Document Download

1 . files/archive/1235_33aac3fd.pdfNanhua University Overseas Learning Scholarship Main Points
2 . Attachment 1   Undergraduate Student Overseas Learning Scholarship
English Test Level TableorVarious Types Non-English Test Level Table

3 . Attachment 2   Graduate Student Overseas Learning ScholarshipEnglish Test Level TableorVarious Types Non-English Test Level Table

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