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  Work Permit ※

 Applying for work permit

Following semester, please apply work permit from the internet System.


Refer to:
work permit available up to 6 months (First semester September ~ February) and (Second semester March ~ August), 
the maxium working hour is 20  hours per week during semesters , excepts Winter vacation and Summer Vacation.



Required documents 

1. NT100 (complete allocated payment by yourself).
2.  Scan your Passport (personal information page, including your passport extension. visa page).
3.  Scan your two-side Student Card (should have registered stamp for current semester).
4.  Scan your two-side ARC.

These documents should be in PDF and uploaded to the system. After upload these documents, please let us know. School will confirm the application and then send to Office of Workforce Development Agency.



Refer to: If it not convenient for you to scan, we suggest you could take a picture and transform in PDF.


Link of website:



Website→ https://ezwp.wda.gov.tw/wcfonline/wSite/Control?function=StdIndexPage

  "Students should apply acccount from the Workface Development  Angenecy EZ Work Permit in advance."


1. Expiry date : valid period of work permit is ONLY 6 months, and it should be renewed each half year(each semester).
Work permit of international students, the maxium work hour is 20  hours per week.

3. Without valid work permit, Students CAN NOT work in the campus and outside the canpus.


1. Employment Service Law

2. Regulations Regarding the Permission and Administration of the Employment of Foreign Workers.


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