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Institute of International and Cross-strait Affairs2020-05-21The NEW Official Website of IICA111
Institute of International and Cross-strait Affairs2020-02-24Nanhua University International Students General guidance for 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)38
International and Cross-strait Admissions Center2020-02-10南華大學境外生返國防疫注意事項Precautions of Epidemic Prevention for Students Returning to Nanhua University from Overseas Countries/Regions(2020.02.10)39
International Exchange Division2020-03-02Japan-Ibaraki Christian University 2020 Fall Exchange Program26
International Exchange Division2020-03-02Korea-Geumgang University 2020 Fall Exchange Program56
International Exchange Division2020-02-13Korea-Sookmyung Women’s University 2020 Fall Exchange Program 42
International Exchange Division2020-02-12Korea-Incheon National University 2020 Fall Exchange Program234
Institute of International and Cross-strait Affairs2020-02-06Letter from the President to All Student, 202011
International Exchange Division2020-01-13Canada-University of Prince Edward Island-2020 Fall exchange program235
International Exchange Division2019-12-27Kindai Univ. 2020 Fall semester exchange program298
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