南華大學境外生返國防疫注意事項Precautions of Epidemic Prevention for Students Returning to Nanhua University from Overseas Countries/Regions(2020.02.10)

公告單位:International and Cross-strait Admissions Center ╱ 公告類別:AnnouncementPost date:2020-02-10
  Dear students,

In response to the novel coronavirus pneumonia (Wuhan pneumonia) epidemic situation, please stick to the following items to avoid the spread of infection and protecting your health.

1. The University will reopen on 25th Feb. 2020.

2. Please take care yourself at home before returning to Taiwan. Do not go to public places unless necessary. Clean after returning home. If you feel unwell, please see a doctor. Do not take a flight or ride if you have fever, cough, sore throat and other symptoms.

3. People from provinces and cities of Mainland China c deferred entering Taiwan since 6th Feb. For epidemic prevention. People from Hong Kong and Macao are deferred entering Taiwan since 11th Feb. for epidemic prevention.

4. Students are strongly advised to avoid transit at Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao. Since 7th Feb. 2020. Anyone who is from or has travel history in the aforementioned places willbe subject to two-week Home/Dormitory Quarantine and cannot take public transportation or go outside. If you have to transit at the aforementioned places, you are advised to be back to Taiwan at least 14 days before the reopening day.

5. For those who shall take " Home/Dormitory Quarantine" at the time of entry, the

accommodation and transportation arrangements are as follows:

(1) Accommodation

a. You may stay at your relatives’ or friends’ home.

b. Students who have lived at campus dormitory will be transferred to Building A,Nanhua Hall (No. 163, Section 2, Zhongxing Road, Dalin Town, Chiayi County, Tel: 05-264-1508) .

c. Students who have lived beyond campus are advised to live at Nanhua Hall as well to receive living assistance.

d. During the period of Home/Dormitory Quarantine, the accommodation fee is free of charge, but a deposit of NT $500 must be paid. When you leave the Hall, you shall clean the room to get your deposit refund.

e. Meals will be ordered and delivered by the hall manager at your own expense.

(2) Transportation

a. Please have your relatives or friends to pick you up at airport and deliver to the place where you will have Home/Dormitory Quarantine.

b. If you go to Nanhua Hall for Home/Dormitory Quarantine, please take a taxi from the airport to your dormitory or off-campus home to get your bedding, clothes and utensils. The taxi receipt shall be kept and 50% of the taxi fees will be covered by the International College with upper limit of NT $3000.

c. You can take a taxi if you move from the university dormitory to Nanhua Hall. The taxi receipt shall be kept, and the taxi fees will be covered by Student Affairs Office.

6. Students who have lived at Building A and do not need Home/Dormitory Quarantine shall move to and live at campus dormitory temporarily.

7. Please take protective measures immediately, and wear a mask during flying. Wash your hands frequently and pay attention to your physical condition all the time. Before returning to the University, please prepare enough masks and other anti-epidemic materials.

8. All students outside Taiwan must fill in the “NHU International Students Self Health Control and Travel History Survey” at https://reurl.cc/OblGv7 or via the QR Code.

Please kindly be aware that Taiwan's epidemic prevention is very comprehensive, and Taiwan's medical industry is among the best across the globe. Here you can enjoy the safest and the most reassuring environment. Welcome back.

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