Korea-Geumgang University 2020 Fall Exchange Program

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  1. TPOIK 3。
  2. Please refer to NHU's requirements: average score above 80 ot rank top 30 in your class. 


2 students

★According to MOU, GGU will provide the tuition fee and the dormitory fee which is a double room.★
▋Essential documents for GGU:(as attachment)
  1. An application Form for Korean language program (Form-1)
  2. An application for dormitory (Form-2)
  3. A statement of purpose (Form-3)
  4. A participant consent (Form-4)
  5. A certificate of enrollment
  6. An official academic transcript
  7. A letter of recommedation
  8. A photocopy of passport
  9. A certificate of health(Form-9, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis A, B, C and HIV required)
  10. Six ID photograph(3cm x 4cm)
  11. A photocopy of ID card of all members in the family
  12. An insurance policy which covers death, hospitalization, outpatient treatment and et cetera

Geumgang University's documents should be in both paper and pdf version. Prepare and submit them to Ms. Kuo, International Office(H115) ans send to email: Lingyu@nhu.edu.tw.

NHU’s application documents: please request forms through this email (Lingyu@nhu.edu.tw). Prepare and submit NHU’s documents(in paper version) to Internation Office(H115) before Mar. 30, 2020.

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