“Call For Speakers— My Experiences of Studying in Taiwan” Event Rules

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  • What we’re looking for: Any international student capable of giving a well-organized talk on his/her experiences of studying in Taiwan. Be passionate!

  • Qualification: International students who have been studying in Taiwan’s universities for more than 2 years. (For graduate students, it is 1 year.) Chinese learning center students are not included. Each participant is allowed to participate in the event once.

  • Speaker Benefits:
  1. Speakers can share their “Study in Taiwan” experiences which will definitely help future students who want to study abroad.
  2. Speakers can have chances to give formal talks (either in your mother language or English) which will be video-recorded professionally and broadcast on Study in Taiwan Facebook (over 50,000 likes) and IOH Channel.
  3. Speakers can take free presentation skills training sponsored by the organizer.

  • Broadcast your talks: The Study in Taiwan website, Facebook and IOH channel attract thousands of international students who want to study abroad from over the world. The Study in Taiwan speakers deliver the talks which are then video-recorded and broadcast on the Internet. The speakers are featured within Study in Taiwan Facebook and elsewhere on www.studyintaiwan.org, including photo and bio information. Study in Taiwan Facebook receives 53,000 total likes and over 5 million visits annually.

  • Important dates:
  1. Deadline for Submission: October 20, 2014. No amendment is allowed after submission.
  2. Evaluation time: October 21 to October 31.
  3. Announcement: Announcement of the winners will be made on our website on November 7. 

  • Application Requirements: 
  1. English Resume (PDF format, 1 page).
  2. A story in English about general experiences of “Study in Taiwan.” Word limit: 500.
  3. A short video clip of self-introduction (YouTube link, optional).
  4. Contact information of references (optional).

  • How to make your application? Go to our website, and make your application. It’s finished!
  • Evaluation standard: Application Documents 40%, Interview 60%
  • Evaluation process: Three experts will interview selected applicants and select 5 winners.

  • Please Note:
  1. The winners will be announced at the Study in Taiwan website (http://www.studyintaiwan.org) on November 7, 2014. 
  2. By submitting your application, you agree with all policies of this event. On the infringement of plagiarism, fraud or other illegal behavior, FICHET reserves the right to cancel the qualification, prize, and certificate, and to pursue legal liability. Those who cause any harm to FICHET or any other third parties should bear the civil and/or criminal liability. 
  3. The applicants should provide correct personal information and bear all legal liability. 
  4. The copyright of the winning video will thereby belong to FICHET. The subjects of those videos should sign the consent forms once the winners are announced. FICHET has the right to use or reproduce the videos for all manners of non-profitable promotion.
  5. The winning videos will also be posted on the Study in Taiwan website and the related websites for people to view.
  6. The Prize may be exempted, should the applicants do not meet the criterion, or the number of the applicants be insufficient. 
  7. If the event cannot proceed under any circumstances, FICHET reserve the right to cancel, end, amend, prolong, shorten or postponed the event. 
  8. FICHET reserves the right to interpret and amend the rule and regulations of the event. Other issues not mentioned above will be subject to the rules and regulations of FICHET.
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