International Students

An individual of foreign nationality, who has never held nationality status from the  Republic of China (ROC) and does not possess an overseas Chinese student status at the time of their application, is qualified to apply for admission as the international student.

An individual of foreign nationality, pursuant to the following regulations and who has stayed overseas continuously for more than 6 years is also eligible to apply for admission under this regulation. The six year period shall be calculated from the starting date of the semester (Feb.1stor Aug.1st) as the designated due date for the time of study. “Overseas” is limited to countries or regions other than Mainland China,  Hong Kong and Macau; the term “continuously” means that an individual may stay in Taiwan for no more than a total of 120 days per calendar year.

(1) An individual has had a nationality status from ROC, holds Hong Kong/Macau
permanent residence status or had a nationality status from People's Republic of China, but does not hold a household registration.

(2) An individual who has had nationality status from the Republic of China but has no ROC nationality at the time of their application shall have an annulled status regarding their ROC nationality for no less than 8 years after an annulment of their ROC nationality by the Ministry of the Interior

(3) Regarding individuals mentioned in both of the above subparagraphs, they must not have studied in Taiwan under the status of an overseas Chinese nor received placement permission for an academic school year by the University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students.

Applicants with a  high school diploma are eligible to apply for the four-year undergraduate programs; applicants with a bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply for the master’s programs; applicants with a master’s degree are eligible to apply for the doctoral programs.

1. The application eligibility is based on "MOE Regulation Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan." If the MOE Regulations were revised, the most updated MOE Regulations shall prevail. For the latest information regarding the MOE Regulations, please visit MOE website at  

2. During the course of study in Taiwan, international students, who are approved for initial household registration, resident registration, naturalization or restoration of their ROC nationality, will lose their international student status and shall withdraw from school.

3. International students who withdraw from university/college after admission due to behavior issues, poor academic performance or a conviction under the Criminal Code may not thereafter apply again for admission under this regulation.

4. Violation of the “MOE Regulation” will result in immediate cancellation of the applicant’s admission or the deprivation of the applicant’s recognized status as NTHU registered student. No academic certificate will be given.
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